Tokomon - Digimon

I love 2 dream. I like trying to remember my dreams. Dreams are portals!
Sleepy gray catBlack smiley in a blue bed counting sheeplittle sleepy brown monkey lying on its back

Someone stole my car and I chased after them in a car I must have stolen myself. I went to a really good yard sale with my roommates. There were vintage stickers from the 80's. Troy made an album of a bunch of secret music Spencer made. There were 100 songs on it. The album was broken into sections, each named for someone. My section included a video of Spencer and I spit wrestling.

I had a dream about Sean. Sean is my ex-boyfriend. We met in Tacoma in 2015 and were together for 4 years. Things ended really poorly between us (my fault) but we did keep in touch regularly for a while after we broke up. Apparently, his next girlriend really didn't like that and broke up with him because of it, which I still feel bad about, but also it's not really my fault and it was strictly friendly. I'm going to try to call him later to catch up, lol. He lived in the house with me and my current roommates, but was never there. He was looking for a job. There was a big orange cat who had had a stomach surgery. The house we live in was in a big city with lots of stores, and there was a woman knitting hats in the window of one of the stores.

I was at work, and three different people were eating soaps. A regular customer came in and I told him to go check it out. Then a man came bounding in on all fours through the shop towards the back. I chased after him and caught him. His family was very greatful. The backyard of the shop was the same one from my childhood. When I came back inside the regular was making a sandwich. My coworker stole my other coworker's ugly jacket then left early. My boss and I decided to follow them. The town had large twisting spires and colorful shops, it resembled a Ghibili movie.

Long time no dream! Just kidding I just suck at posting regularly There was a family reunion situation, I can't really remember. I was also trying to steal some Reese's pieces from a dollar store, but this dollar store was very cool they sold homemade cake mixes and canned mac and cheese...

There was a sense of urgency and anxiety. I was somewhere I've never been, it felt like a midwestern town. I was with my roommates, and none of our cars were working properly. We needed to leave the place we were at. We found a futuristic RV and left. We arrived at what seemed like a family reunion. But we needed to hide. I think it was birds we were scared of?

I was at a thrift store and there were so many cute shoes. I found red leather platforms with a black lug sole and some crazy knitted platforms with ribbony bits that wrapped around the ankle. Everyone thought I was really hot, and when I walked past people they would whisper that I must be a movie star. I went to a part of town I'd never been to before, it was like a "chinatown" and it had awesome food. This guy tried to give me some molasses cookies, but he was really drunk and I didn't want them.

I haven't been able to remember my dreams very well for a while now, which is really disheartening for me as I love to dream and think about them. It seems like the only dreams I can remember are the ones about Spencer. Albeit I haven't been recording all my dreams here in my journal... Oops We were at a book store looking for new sci-fi novels. There was a big comfy couch, and we were laying on it, reading our new books. We knew you were dead, but that I could see you and touch you. It was so nice, just to sit with you again.

I had a dream about Spencer. It was incredible. His mom figured out how to keep his 'pattern'... in Star Trek there is this thing called a transporter. It transports people from the ship to a planet's surface by converting matter to energy and beaming it to the new location. Once there it rematerializes into its original pattern. There are many instances where someone becomes 'stuck' in the pattern buffer, essentially holding that person in suspension for an indefinite amount of time. In Strange New Worlds, the ships Dr. has intentionally kept his sick daughter in the transporter buffer so that her illness does not progress. In the buffer, time doesn't affect them the same way because they are held as energy, not matter. His mom was able to make a copy of his pattern. I got to see him and hold him again. It was so real, I could smell him. Now, I can't sleep, it's six in the morning. All I can think about is holding him one more time. He didn't even like to be touched, he would recoil every time I tried to cuddle him or give him a hug. Like a cat. I miss him so much. I think I will go to his bench today, and sit for a while.

A weird one for sure. I was at this strange place that was essentially a store I guess, you could exchange coins for items, but it just didn't make any sense. I'm not sure how to describe it. But I was very angry with the staff and mechanics of how the store worked and wanted to steal things, but I was scared they would kill me. Seana was there, and she was trying to help me understand how it all worked, but I wasn't listening. Seana is a regular at the karaoke bar I go to. She's an AMAZING artist, and she is always wearing the most amazing sparkly bedazzled princess dresses and shoes. She made a guitar out of cardboard that she brings to karaoke to play along with people. She is very shy and awkward, and normally won't start up a conversation with others. The other day she came up to me and started a convo, and I felt so special!

Finally a juicy one! So apparently I murdered someone, but I had done a pretty good job of blocking it out in my head so I couldn't really remember doing it. There was an ongoing investigation happening. I lived in this weird place which I've dreamt of before that has a bunch of old wood shack-houses and a big lake in the middle. I was at the dock with my little wood row boat and the police stopped me, and asked if their dog could search my boat. I said sure and the dog jumped in, only to immediately start barking and sticking his nose in the corner. I was horrified, as I started to remember I had transported her body in the boat. Well, the dog finally stops, turns around, and theres a snake in his mouth. The police laugh and say something like oh you silly little hound and then they left. I hopped in my boat and hightailed it out of there. I went back to my little shack on the other side of the lake, and Spencer was there tearing up my house. So Spencer is my ex-husband (that's a whole nother story for y'all, a funny stupid story) but no worries we are friends still and get along great. So, Spencer is there tearing up my house looking for something unrelated to the woman I apparently murdered. It gets a lil hazy after that but the next thing I remember, Spencer is throwing this HUGE bbq in my yard with really loud country music playing. I hated it and escaped, but I decided to do so on rollerskates. So I'm skatin and I end up kinda racing this other guy who is also on rollerskates, and we get to this really muddy part that's not paved anymore. Well, we both got stuck in the mud. It was easy enough to get out, but this guy is like, whoa, this mud is so easy to get in and out of, and then proceeds to get his whole body in there with just his head sticking out the top. Then I woke up.

I gave Aaron Maine from Porches my phone number and he called me.

I was at work filling up the hot tubs and the water kept turning red in one of them. I drained the tub and I found a kitty at the bottom, barely alive with a big wound on its neck. I was frantically calling around trying to find an emergency vet, but the closest one was over two hours away. I finally got ahold of someone, and she agreed to help me. Eventually we both realized that it was not a cat, it was an alien that looked like a cat. How exciting! Then, I was back in my hometown. There's these really narrow one way streets downtown with some really neat houses, and I was driving around those with my cat, the alien cat, and one more cat I picked up someplace. Then three of my tires went flat, I freaked out, and woke up.

I was driving a semi again, but it was white this time. There was a weird courtyard with four different huge mansions, and they didn't want me to go in any of them but I wasn't having it. I was extremely stressed about something that had happened earlier, but couldn't remember what.

A cat snuck into my house that looked just like Kiki and he was so cute and nice and him and Kiki were besties. I went to a Halloween party with my friends and everyone was covered in ketchup, and there was a room full of bread. I had some eggs in my pocket at one point, and thought about eating one raw, but I didn't. There was a weird dude following us around with his mom, but I thought he was kinda cute. He had black curly hair.

Ew, I dreamt I got my period. I really need to call my doctor's office back; I'm supposed to be having a surgery to a) look for endo tissue and b) burn off the inside of my uterus so I stop getting mind-numbingly bad periods. I was also on a schoolbus, and we were all going to Cuba. I made a really yummy risotto, but no one wanted to eat it.

All of the stuff I own was outside on a lawn, I was supposed to go pick it up later that day but the car I had wasn't working. Love this reoccuring stressor that also terrorizes me in real life. So I put up signs that said "not for sale" and "not free do not take." The town was a weird combo of Arcata and San Fransisco, which I've dreamt of before. My mom and dad were there also, and we went to a flea market. We were trying to kill time before seeing Everything Everywhere All at Once. I just saw this this week, truly one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I really wanted to leave the flea market and I was stressed out about not making the movie. I left to go find a bathroom presumably and the KFC guy was blocking the way out with three hot bimbos wearing pink latex. That was the last straw for me apparently, cause I started throwing a fit until I got my parents to agree to leave. Then my mom was whining about wanting a hot pastrami, and I was arguing with her trying to tell her she could eat at the theater and that we were gonna miss the movie. I don't think we ever got to the movie.

I dreamt I was in Tacoma, WA with Shelby, and I really wanted to show her around. I used to live in Tacoma, and I often dream of it, but its this funny version where all my favorite places are all right next to each other within a few blocks. We were staying in someone elses house, and they had two little love birds, and two giant Furbies. We went to a bar and there was a guy there slamming shots of midori.

I was driving somwehere but did not have proper diretions. I (think) I arrived. It was a surrel summer camp. They wouldn't let me shower, they made me climb a really big tree, and there was a full sized supermarket. Ritz crackers just came out with a new "grilled cheese sandwich" cracker, much like the little sandwhich ones they have now, but the two crackers were little tiny butter flavored toasts. There was a very pretty river.

I was going on some sort of trip with a bunch of people I didn't know. There was one big bus we could take or some of the other people were driving their own cars. I chose the bus. It was like, a cruise ship, but in a bus. There were two distinct groups on the bus who would hang out and whisper to each other constantly and giggle and prank the others, and it made me really jealous. Eventually I realized that we weren't allowed to get off the bus, and I was pissed because I left all my things with the other people who were driving their cars. So I was trapped on a bus with a bunch of ding dongs. The next thing I remember is there being this crazy bad dance off, and this dude with blue hair was really trying to impress me but I wasn't having it.

I drove a big orange semi. I miss Cooper.

This one was a pretty fun one. Very ~Mean Girls/Jawbreaker/Sugar & Spice~ I was in high school and I was like the total nerdy new girl and there was this clique at the school led by this girl. There's this girl I know who I see around town and who I've had a class with, I don't know her name but she has total Regina George energy, very bitchy and hot, and she used to fuck this really hot guy who everyone else wanted to fuck We were in Chem and she took off all her jewelry so it wouldn't get messed up, so I decided to steal it and hide it. Things get a lil blurry after that, but eventually it comes out that she's been talking shit about everyone online, so at the assembly I called her out in front of everyone. So fun. Imagine this, but it's at the assembly and I put her blog on the projector for everyone to see. Last thing I remember is all her hair falling out.

I dreamt I was at Columbia Community College with my new friend Eder. Some people decided to pull a prank and lock everyone in the buildings and then pull the fire alarm and watch everyone freak out when they couldn't get out. It was really mean and not a good prank. When they let everyone out I couldn't find my car in the parking lot.

I had a lot of different dreams last night but I only remember one of them. I was in San Francisco with some coworkers and we were going to check out the new flagship hot tub & sauna place. I work at a tub & sauna place, it's really really special I should post some photos for y'all. So we get there and it's way fancy. We all start checking in, and I'm the fisrt one to go out to my tub, they're all supposed to be private tubs. So I go out, get all situated and then decide I need to piss. So I go do that, but when I come back the tub is full of a bunch of hot gay dudes fucking. So I'm like ok cool I'll just join them. They were hella mean to me and hid my clothes from me and told me to get lost. I went back out to the front in a towel and tried to explain what happened to the staff, but the person working dismissed me and told me it wasn't possible. And I was like look lady I literally work at the other tub place this isn't supposed to happen, AND they stold my clothes. Then I woke up.

I was back in high school and I was running late for class. I had a giant bag of clothes I was dragging around with me, and I was really angry about something. That's it.

This one was a weird one, I was working in this shop, it felt like it was in Tacoma, and closing time rolls around and this chick who's in the store won't leave. Something about a key? I finally got her out of the store by giving her my car keys and telling her where my car was parked. The car was a little white 2000's rav4 it was pretty cute. Once I was finally able to leave the shop, I was walking and saw her getting into my car and I remember thinking to myself, man, I can't wait to call the police and tell them my car was stolen... again. Cooper was stolen twice in the span of six months, very fun. Then the dream gets all murky. The next thing I remember is being trapped in this house with some other people and we were all trying to kill each other. Then there were the giant alien robot mechs coming up out of the ground trying to kill us. Pretty sick.

So I was on a drive, it was on this road that I've dreamt of before that sort of resembles Sonora Pass on HWY 108 but it's also this weird dreamy amalgamation of places in Washington and California that my brain made up. I should really come up with a name for it, it's really nice. But I was driving on a mountain road and when I came arond a blind corner I saw my old truck Cooper parked on the shoulder. I recently had to sell Cooper because she needed a total engine rebuild and I just couldn't justify spending that much money on her since she is so old anyway. I called the guy who I sold her to but no answer. So then I found a phonebook, and looked for this one specific name, but I can't remember why I decided to look for that name... There was only one entry so I called that number and a guy picked up the phone. I asked if he had a Datsun for sale and he said yeah, I sure do, want to come take a look at it? And he gave me an address, which was also on that road I had seen Cooper on. So the next day I went to go check it out, and it turned out to be a completely different Datsun, it was Navy blue and silver two-toned and it was a flatbed. Very interesting. He also got a hoot out of the fact that I found him in a phonebook. He asked, do people still use those things? Riley has a phonebook on her doorstep that's been there since I met her, it's hella dirty and all torn up and it just sits there and I think it's funny that she never just threw it away. I look at it fondly every time I go to her house. I hope no one ever throws it away.