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Here you will find not many things, but the things are mine, which makes them special.

My name is Jam. You can learn more about me here.

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Sun 9-24-23 - New Dream Journal entry

Sat 9-23-23 - Small site wide updates + new album of the week and new movie review

Fri 9-16-23 - New dream journal entry, new journal entry

Thurs 9-15-23 - New journal entry

Tues 9-12-23 - New journal entry, worked on graphics page

Mon 9-11-23 - New journal entry, added a new Neocity Neighbor button on the links page

Fri 9-8-23 - Added 4 books to the library, worked on fixing navigation throughout the site

Thurs 9-7-23 - Fixed broken links on the links page and removed inactive ones, worked on fixing navigation throughout the site

Sun 9-3-23 - Worked on new landing page and about page

I made this site for the same reasons a lot of people make personal homepages these days. I wax poetic about y2k internet.

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