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Cool Sites - The museum of obsolete media - Condiment packet museum - Bread clip lore and taxonomy - B-movie directory - Rare movie directory - Ted's Caving Page - Official website for the Toki Pona language - Map free food! - Vintage handheld and tabletop game museum - Very cute social network - Cliff Stolls' klein bottles - Archive of messages left on answering machines - Private and fast blogging platform - Iykyk - Om nom nom - Museum of vintage software and abandonware, with downloads! - Museum of first-wave robots - Nintendo Wi-fi Connection emulator (online play for DS games) - Adobe Flash emulator!!! - Text only news site - How to exit the Matrix (internet privacy) - Disposable email addresses - Password management - Private Youtube client - Teeny Tiny blogging service - Cute ASCII weather (I use this as my homepage) - Text-only weather app - Info about "small seasons" - Cool toy shop! - Fun word game you can play every day! - Personal site of someone named Tanner
Laika text game - A text adventure game where you play as Laika, the first dog in space. WARNING this game is VERY sad - CD-ROM journal/obscure game reviews - Personal blog of Winnie Lim - Nintendo 3DS online shop mirror!!! - Pudding Club's personal website - Can you feel it? - Vintage pinback museum - Bypass any paywall

Search Engines - DIY search engine focusing on non-commercial content
- Classic web search engine - Directory of handmade webpages

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Youtubers I like

Rambalac - Going on walks in Japan
Techmoan - Old tech reviews
DancingBacons - Asian junk food reviews
Steve1989MREInfo - MRE reviews with Steve
滇西小哥 Dianxi Xiaoge - Chinese countryside life
Alli Vera - Fashion & thrifting with Alli
Rirang on Air - Korean camping vlogs
LGR - Vintage tech reviews and thrifting
Cody's Lab - Chemistry with Cody!
ASMR Twix - My favorite ASMR channel; soft spoken spa days in Japan
Usagi Electric - More ancient computer stuff
The 8-bit Guy - Vintage electronic reviews
ShiliTV - ASMR spa days in China
Kenny Lauderdale - Obscure anime reviews
조조캠핑 - Korean camping vlogs

Graphics - Great resource for old n ugly gifs - Obligatory gifcities mention
Nancy's Place - Older style gifs backgrounds and dividers
Betty's Graphics - Lots of good old style gifs and graphics - Luv these lines and dividers
The Icon Depot - Great icons and lines n dividers
Blinkie Obsession - Blinkie Heaven - Make ur own blinkies - More blinkies - Classic smilies - Make your own 80x15 web badges - Windows98 Icons - More blinkies
re:Hoeass - All the tiny Animal Crossing pixel graphics you could possibly want
Darkwolf Graphix - Older style dividers n backgounds - Classic smilies! - Some good blinkies n small graphics - U have to dig thru this one but there's some great pixel icons - Gigantic collection of 90's-2000's 88x31 web badges - Pixel sharing community founded in 2004, lots of really cool stuff on here! - Remove the background on an image quick easy and looks great! - Thousands of 80x15 web badges to browse
Peachies Collection - A ton of cute lil guys to sort through - Blinkies galore - Super cute panda pixel pet for your site

ASCII - ASCII art archive - ASCII art generator - Another ASCII text generator - Incredible collection of ASCII art by Lorrie - Another large collection of ASCII compiled by Christopher Johnson
Photo Editing - Gameboy camera style for you webcam - Cool dithering tool for ur pics - Dithering tool - My fav free image editor - Another dithering tool - Quick tutorial on adding borders to transparent pngs

Backgrounds - Sadgirls' background roundup - Lots of retro tiled backgrounds - More retro tiled bgs - Ugly old bgs - Texture Town! - Amazing moving pixel worlds
HeKate Backgrounds - Collection of old tiled bgs - I especailly like the texture category - More backgrounds

CSS, Java, and HTML

Eggramen's Layouts - CSS layout resource - HTML Heaven, you can learn pretty much anything from this site - Another useful resource for CSS and HTML - Birth date for your website! Cute - Layouts and other useful page materials - How to make an image a border with CSS, very detailed! - Very cool border making tool! - Javascript - More java - More java - CSS haven - HTML and CSS resource - Cute free counters for your site - Falling items 4 u - Lots of useful lil HTML stuff - Draggable elements - Free older style web layouts - Neat moon phase widget - Calendar widgets

Cursors - A classic from MySpace days - Cool cursor effects - Make yr own cursors

Fonts - Cute tiny bitmap fonts - Gool ol' fonts - More bitmap fonts - Mooore - Plastic sticker style label maker! - Cool weird fonts