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House (1977)

A group of young girls go to visit one of their aunts. Chaos insues. Loved the visuals on this one, and the piano scene was definitely the best part.

True Stories (1986)

Directed by and starring David Byrne, frontman of the Talking Heads. A musical about a small town in Texas that is gearing up for a town celebration. I loved this one. I usually hate musicals, but this one was so fun! Can't believe I'd never seen or heard of this as I love the Talking Heads.

Wise Old Little Boy (2004)

Intimate DIY documentary following Phil Elverum of The Microphones and Kyle Field of Little Wings. Very sweet little documentary, I love the Microphones.

Woman in the Dunes (1964)

A man gets trapped with a woman in a house surrounded by sand. Long (2.5 hours) and slow one, but visually pretty stunning. I read the book like 7 years ago and it does it justice as far as I can remember.

Revolution OS

The history behind free software, the open source movement, GNU and Linux. If you're new to any of these concepts this is a great documentary to give some context to the movement.

How to with John Wilson

Love love love love love obsessed. I had never heard of this show until my friend recommended I watch it. I watched all three seasons in one sitting. I relate to this man. His obsession with documenting and his ability to follow through with it is something I aspire to achieve. Incredible show I highly recommend watching this if you have not done so.